Canadian Artist Randy Hryhorczuk - BiographyRandy Hryhorczuk is a contemporary Canadian visual artist born in Vancouver, British Columbia, 1974.

Randy grew up in the wild, rural countryside of British Columbia’s lower mainland. As an adult he lived in city of Vancouver before moving to Toronto, Ontario in pursuit of oil painting. He devoting himself to painting full time in late 2006, after working in the design field, digging holes and clearing paths. In 2007, Randy relocated to Guatemala City, Guatemala with his wife. This period was spent drawing, painting, reading, visiting museums and traveling throughout Central America; frequently returning to Canada to exhibit and deliver work. 

Randy’s earliest art had been focussed on figure painting, however, his interest in modern design and minimalism lead him to explore abstraction. His earliest abstract paintings were architectural deconstructions, evolving into minimalist landscapes and the current scribble paintings. Randy has since explored multiple subjects including billboards, airplane clusters, satellites, mall rides, payphones and classic automobiles

Randy is a self-taught oil painter. He has shown publicly at galleries and art fairs since 2000 in Canada, The United States and Germany. His artwork can be found in private and corporate collections in Canada, the United States, Great Britain and Guatemala. Randy currently paints at his home studio and is represented by contemporary art galleries in Toronto and Ottawa.