Destroyer Fuels Art

Destroyer has a new record out and it’s right nice, as usual. Dan Bejar at his finest. In early 2001 my friend Jamie sent me a cassette in which were copied some Destroyer songs from the Streethawk: A Seduction album. I was immediately and irrevocably head over heels in love with Destroyer. I had just […]

Gord Downie Fuels Art

 21 years in my short list of ‘need to see’ bands. I never did see The Tragically Hip or Gord Downie live. I had opportunities and serious intentions. Early on, sold out shows, conflicting events or travel kept pushing it back to ‘next time’. Even after moving to Ontario, my chances increased, but still I […]

Car & Driver

This photo of my cousin has been in my family’s possession for decades. It was taken in 1984. I remember it as a kid. I remember the cars that my cousin would buy and sell. He loved cars. It’s possible that this photos inspired my new series of automobiles and their drivers on and off […]