Notes from the Field

A very quick… very short post regarding a recent overnight trip to Antigua.

Iniyal in Antigua GuatemalaIniyal, the wonderful, has been engaged in a Masters of Education program through the School. This, an important process for her, as she had originally weighed the journey to Guatemala, with her desire to enhance her education through the Masters program back home in Toronto… as luck would have it, she was able to do both.. right here, in Guatemala City.

Her most recent course, through the program was that of writing, which she thoroughly enjoyed the class, her professor, and the writing process itself. As it turns out, in my own opinion, Iniyal possesses quite a clear talent for putting letters together into words into sentences into paragraphs etc etc… able to convey her thoughts and memories in an eloquent, though not overly flamboyant writing manner… which I appreciate. I certainly hope that she was as pleased with her progress as I had been listening to it as she read aloud to me in order for me to provide her with feedback.

The most recent course she had been engaged in had culminated into a final class held at her professors home in Antigua. We decided to go to Antiguaon Saturday, stay the night before she would attend this event the following day, Sunday… while I explored the streets of Antigua with (and without) Jack – whose wife Jen was also in the program, and his friend Gloria – whose husband was attending the class as well.

We had been to Antigua a couple of times before, and I always find it enjoyable… here are a few photos to add to the collection from previous posts….

Street and Houses antigua Guatemala

Cathedral Antigua Guatemala

Cathedral Antigua Guatemala

Cathedral Antigua Guatemala MOTORCYCLE BSA

no fast food, no camera, no guns, no rest…
a simple reminder in Antigua Guatemala

Mr Hryhorczuk