Give This to Jack and Alice

Art - Oil Painting of Three Sisters on Canadian Farm by Canadian Artist Randy Hryhorczuk

I decided to submit this piece to the Oshawa Art Association’s 51st Annual Juried Art Exhibition at the Robert McLaughlin Gallery in Oshawa Ontario. Give This to Jack and Alice. Words scrawled on the back of an old family photo. This painting is a portrait of my Baba and her sisters standing in front of […]

New Years Revolution

It’s 2019 but I may 1984 this post… Back in November of 2017 I returned to painting full time. It’s been a complex, challenging path – not without it’s fair share of well balance excitement (positive/negative, good/bad, yin/yang). I’ve struggled to get things back on track after a slow down of productivity and opportunity over […]

Upcoming Exhibitions

Station Gallery Members Exhibition Perfect Moment – Opens December 19th, 2018 Work on display: “Dial Zero” – Payphone Painting 


Random Memory. My 4 year old universe prematurely expanded from the back seat of 1967 Plymouth Fury Station Wagon. It was the family car, big as a house, enough real estate with the seats folded down for my older brother and I to stretch out with sleeping bags and take in a drive in movie […]

News & Events

CONTEMPORARY LANDSCAPE PAINTING This course is designed for anyone interested in contemporary landscape painting – city, highway, architectural, rural – with a focus on non-traditional colour application. Under the expert guidance of local painter Randy Hryhorczuk, you’ll paint a landscape of your choice using a layering technique. Stylistic experimentation and individuality will be encouraged. An […]

Memory Day…

Dear Reader…. The following ‘Memory Day’ entries are small note scraps from my life. Little memories that pop into my mind that I am compelled to write about. Sometimes dreams I’ve had, sometimes experiences I can’t shake. Memory Day serves as a little biographical list of past oddities. Enjoy the read. Randy Hryhorczuk