Notes from the Field

Hey! To myself… and anyone else who might pop in here from time to time. Its been a very long time since my last post. I guess we had become too busy over the last year and hadn’t had much of a chance to keep up with this. I am going to try and change that a little bit..

Although the new posts might contain some new adventure – I am also going to try and look back at the past year and write some notes about what we had been doing. As I recall – I never did write too much about our fantastic trip to Tikal… and had probably not loaded any photos. Since then – I had returned to Tikal for a second visit during a road trip with the 4th floor neighbors. Iniyal and I also took an extended weekend trip to Costa Rica for her birthday… which was super fun and relaxing. I think a lot of the memory posts will be a little more photo heavy… as they tell the story pretty well.

I am going to have another cup of coffee and start thinking about how I am going to approach writing about the past year… and the few remaining months of our adventure here…. including our upcoming trip to Roatan.

Stay tuned.. stay calm.

Mr Hryhorczuk