Notes from the Field


It’s been a few years since I had updated this blog. We have since returned from our adventures in Central America and the time has slipped by quietly… quickly. I think about Guatemala on most days. In my heart I hold fond memories shared with Iniyal, and all of the wonderful people we met along the way. Those people, some now scattered around the ever shrinking, ever expanding globe, are often in my thoughts. I think of them when I spend time continuing with my Spanish studies. Slow and Steady. Slow. Steady.

I have decided to continue recording the memories, as they come to me. Memories that I may have failed to write about, will now be reflections. Some stories, withheld in the past, to lighten the concern our families had for us while we were away.

If you explore past posts, you will notice a large number of photographs missing. I am working on replacing them as their initial paths had been severed along the way.

If you are out there… hello again.


Mr Hryhorczuk