Notes from the Field

abstract oil painting by Canadian Artist Randy Hryhorczuk

Abstract art in the age of chaos. Art for sale. Artist for sale. Abstract artists soul for sale.

I’ve been painting for decades. In the early days of getting serious, my primary focus was figurative painting. In an effort to shake things up while preparing for a show, I created a small 24×24 inch minimalist painting. The painting was divided in two fields by a thin horizontal line. A small object placed along its edge. I called it Landscape I and moved on. A visiting friend dropped by the studio, spotted the painting and encouraged me to make more of them. I did.

Abstract Art - Landscape Oil Painting

Later that year I answered a call for art from a new gallery opening in Toronto. I sent them images of my figure work, and received a polite, supportive rejection. Rather than following the usual lead of defeat, I took photos of my new abstract landscape paintings and replied to the owner, asking if these may be more what she was looking for. To my luck, she accepted these and asked me to deliver them. That was Toronto’s Canvas Gallery.

It was late November or early December of that year (2003?). By January, I was informed the paintings had sold and was asked for more. Needless to say, I got right to work. The minimalist abstract landscape series would evolve and last over a decade before I finally put it to rest. My relationship with the gallery grew, and they gave me the opportunity to show various subject matters over the years. I was very lucky.

I continued to use abstract painting as a much needed distraction from everything else I was doing. Abstract art was a means to explore line, form and colour. It informed my approach to painting other subject matter. I could be wild and energetic. I could break rules and experiment.

I’d always planned to have a show dedicated to my abstract work, but never did. I always had to make room for the work that would keep the machine moving forward (sales). Perhaps the coming year will be different. In the meantime, I continue to paint and explore abstract art in my studio and in classes at Station Gallery in Whitby Ontario.




Mr Hryhorczuk