Billboard 2007 – 2022

The billboard painting series began in late 2007 while living in Guatemala City, Guatemala. I was producing art and exploring the city.

Billboards towered over the urban landscape. Sentinels lining the streets. Many were empty, blank and weathered. I took photographs from taxi’s. I wanted to capture simplicity in form, but quickly moved towards a more representational landscape painting, adding social messages. I played with single words and simple phrases to draw emotional response from the viewer. Years earlier in Canada, my interest had been sparked.

The billboards added something to the cityscape I hadn’t felt emotionally connected to since living in Vancouver B.C during the 1990’s. During that time, I would spot a decrepit billboard perched atop a building from my seat on the skytrain each day. I imagined the peeling, worn out surface akin to a giant abstract painting hovering over chinatown.

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