Notes from the Field

Looking for an Apartment in Guatemala City is like searching for treasure. It has come to our attention quite early on.. that there are some very unique spaces to be found here, well within our budget. Unfortunately… it is becoming increasingly frustrating for us to find what we are looking for. We know the ideal space is out there… we just haven’t seen it through our own eyes yet… while others have found similar treasures after seeing many places ranging from the unlivable to the palatial.

Our situation is unique though.. we need a place that is clean and modern with a balcony, while providing lots of natural light and space for my work. Painting. We have set a deadline for ourselves and I fear that we will settle on something that doesn’t suit us. Until then, my head aches and I continue to scour the internet and telephone real estate agents reminding them of our needs. We’ll see… One last chance this weekend while the deadline looms.

Mr Hryhorczuk