Notes from the Field

Hand Made Lino cut bird art print

I’ve been making a Lino Cut Bird Art Print! I had started practicing lino cutting over the last year or so. It started out as a little side project for myself. It was a process I had learned decades ago, along with screen printing, while in my high school art class. I like it then, but left it for all things oil painting. My side project quickly moved to something of an additional creative art endeavour over the past year. I just really loved the process and end results.

BirdPrints LinoCut TOOLS The Bird Art PrintBirdPrints LinoCut TOOLS The Bird Art Print
 Lino Cut Tools and Relief

The process is pretty straight forward. Create a drawing or sketch, transfer to the linoleum, and cut away the negative space (what you don’t want to see printed) to produce a relief. The relief is inked and tested, re-cut accordingly, inked again and if all goes well – to full production of multiples. The production of multiple images is super satisfying to me as a painter, but it is the entire process I really love. With each new drawing, I’m figuring out more complex possibilities for how to apply the ink and produce a printed original in a multitude of variations. With each new relief cut, I am figuring out more complex possibilities… you get the idea.

BIRD PRINTS linocut 4028 F 1024x1024 1 The Bird Art Print
 Bird Art Print – Lino Cut

With each new piece I produce, I am already thinking of the next project and how I can improve. I am self-taught, generally, across the board when it comes to the art I produce. I love the process of learning and applying knowledge to find more effective ways to get to the results I want. I love that the results are sometimes surprising and inform later art works.

Recently, I took a side step and produced hand-made lino cut art prints of a bird in a few variations. they can be found on my Etsy shop if you are interested in collecting inexpensive original hand-made art, made by hand by real artists. I promise that no ink or laser jets were harmed or otherwise used in any way.

Drop in and favourite your favourites… more to come.


Mr Hryhorczuk