Destroyer Fuels Art

Destroyer has a new record out and it’s right nice, as usual.

Dan Bejar at his finest. In early 2001 my friend Jamie sent me a cassette in which were copied some Destroyer songs from the Streethawk: A Seduction album. DanBejar Destroyer Fuels ArtI was immediately and irrevocably head over heels in love with Destroyer.

I had just left Vancouver to move to Toronto, and the sound I heard was as though everything that was magical and lovely about the city of Vancouver, and British Columbia in general was trapped inside of this tiny cassette. I mean to say specifically, that it sounded like Vancouver. It felt like Vancouver. Every single time I hear a Destroyer song I am immediately transported. This was a good thing, since, I had made the very difficult but particularly easy decision to defect to Ontario…. in permanence. I purchased a one way ticket so that when I returned for general visitations and Christmas, I would require two-way tickets from the moment I landed in Toronto. It would be the first philosophical “burning of the boats” in my life.destroyerTape Destroyer Fuels Art

Jamie effectively provided me with a tiny little time machine to transport myself back in time to the city of my birth, province of my upbringing. There are so many things I missed over the years, having left… but for the best, for me.

I recently found the cassette among my treasures. It will be place in a shadow box and hung on the wall with a post it note that says “it’s gonna take an airplane”.



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