Lago Atitlan

It immediately reminded me of the place I was raised. British Columbia… frequent trips to the lakes in neighboring parkland filled me with an imaginative fuel that would carry me through for the rest of my life… secretly.. Lago Atitlan brought me back in an instant to a frame of mind I hadn’t felt so […]

…a return to Antigua

A very quick… very short post regarding a recent overnight trip to Antigua. Iniyal, the wonderful, has been engaged in a Masters of Education program through the School. This, an important process for her, as she had originally weighed the journey to Guatemala, with her desire to enhance her education through the Masters program back […]

Missing in Action, man….

Dear friends… its a Monday and I should be painting… but, I have been neglecting the importance of recording events through this post for over a month now… since, well… the volcano! episode. My sincerest apologies… Meanwhile, back at the ranch… Iniyal and I have had three lovely adventures since the volcano! climb as we […]