Notes from the Field

CamaroThis photo of my cousin has been in my family’s possession for decades. It was taken in 1984. I remember it as a kid. I remember the cars that my cousin would buy and sell. He loved cars. It’s possible that this photos inspired my new series of automobiles and their drivers on and off for nearly 30 years. That would be a bit of a stretch – so I will simply say that this photos inspired my new series a couple of years ago when I saw it again. the photo itself if a future historical document – if not presently an historical document. It has always represented many things for me; preservation, adoration, luxury, power, adventure, cool. Automobiles were designed to make people want to drive them. The way they looked, their powerful engines. Get in and drive. Automobiles are still designed to make people want to drive them, or at least provide a comfortable place to spend a large part of our day while commuting.

* If you know anyone who is a car enthusiast or preservationist of pre-1984 automobiles who may be willing to have their Car & Driver portrait painted –  please do not hesitate to pass along my contact information. I am presently seeking new subjects to add to this collection.

Mr Hryhorczuk