Notes from the Field

I have arrived.. a couple of days past.. I am so glad to be back. I missed Iniyal, and the country. My arrival was tiring.. having brought extra luggage full of oil paint and a roll of canvas. A costly addition to my check in baggage… but well worth the hassle. Quite tired and abused by minor headaches over the last few weeks… they are slowly retreating after my return.

Some unfortunate news has left me feeling uneasy and not in the mood for much over the last few days. A passing in the family. I miss my family enough as it is… and wish that we could drop in and spend some time with them. Another day for details…

A brief mention of the reason I was in Toronto… my exhibition. The end of any exhibition, regardless of its success or failure often leaves me with a bit of a feeling of disconnect from everything I am working towards… perfectly natural apparently. I guess its the exciting though daunting task of moving onto the next group of paintings… I will begin a large group of 12×12 inch pieces for show at the Toronto Art Expo 2008… as well as a small group of pieces on a larger scale – probably 7×5 ft or near there… we’ll see what I can get out of my roll of canvas. Until then… here are a few of the pieces that were the primary bulk of the exhibition at AWOL Gallery.

The Secrets of Our Path – 2007

2 Returning to Guatemala City...A Shadow of Disbelief

Ascension5 Returning to Guatemala City...

3 Returning to Guatemala City...

Until Next Time….

Mr Hryhorczuk