Time is a Machine

Hey. It’s been a few years since I had updated this blog. We have since returned from our adventures in Central America and the time has slipped by quietly… quickly. I think about Guatemala on most days. In my heart I hold fond memories shared with Iniyal, and all of the wonderful people we met […]

Where have We Been?

Hey! To myself… and anyone else who might pop in here from time to time. Its been a very long time since my last post. I guess we had become too busy over the last year and hadn’t had much of a chance to keep up with this. I am going to try and change […]


…the headlines make it look serious… and I guess it may be. However, the earthquakes come and go without too much trouble. We just felt, today just before 11am, our second strong tremor. Not nearly as the couch surfing shake we had on Friday, but enough to make us sit up and wait. I am […]

Updates from Guatemala City…

Its January 5th, 2008. We, Iniyal and myself, have just returned from our Christmas excursion in Toronto. Saturday… a day for coffee and breakfast and lazing with a book until the afternoon comes to take us out of the house into the heart of the city to visit a couple of galleries. I am supposed […]

A Few Hours Before This….

This…. being… Slow down. Iniyal and I are simply relaxing ourselves this evening. We will make dinner. We will watch a new episode of Heroes… even though we do not have a television. We will prepare ourselves.. later this evening for a journey tomorrow. The final journey of our 2007 stay in Guatemala. The final […]

Lago Atitlan

It immediately reminded me of the place I was raised. British Columbia… frequent trips to the lakes in neighboring parkland filled me with an imaginative fuel that would carry me through for the rest of my life… secretly.. Lago Atitlan brought me back in an instant to a frame of mind I hadn’t felt so […]

…a return to Antigua

A very quick… very short post regarding a recent overnight trip to Antigua. Iniyal, the wonderful, has been engaged in a Masters of Education program through the School. This, an important process for her, as she had originally weighed the journey to Guatemala, with her desire to enhance her education through the Masters program back […]

Missing in Action, man….

Dear friends… its a Monday and I should be painting… but, I have been neglecting the importance of recording events through this post for over a month now… since, well… the volcano! episode. My sincerest apologies… Meanwhile, back at the ranch… Iniyal and I have had three lovely adventures since the volcano! climb as we […]


Volcanoes are all around us. We have been wanting to ascend the mountainside towards the summit of the active volcano Pacaya. We boarded a big yellow Blue Bird School bus at the school parking lot where Iniyal is an educator, along with a good sized group of other teachers at 4:30 pm. The bus made […]